We manufacture Flagpoles in all materials (fiberglass, aluminium, stainless steel and composite materials) and for all possible needs, from 400mm desktop flagpoles to 25MT, as the ones we have installed in dozens of cities in Spain and Europe, or  special sizes like the 35 mt. flagpole we have recently instaled in Sevilla, Spain.

We are manufacturers of flagpoles, our 19 years of activity and thousands of customers' experience speak for itself.

Iberti has installed thousands of all kinds of flagpoles in many different locations of Spain, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. A high percentage of these flagpoles have been manufactured and/or adapted according to the place and the winds, the size of the flag and its durability, and the aesthetics demanded by the customer.

We urge you to contact us at (+34) 958 447 210 and let us know your needs, ideas, location, etc. and we will quote you the best product according to your requirements with the best balance quality/price.

Remember that Iberti’s flagpoles are released from our factory with a numbered production plate, guarantee certificate and civil responsibility insurance for our products, and also for installation when it is made by our qualified people.